Hardware education so far

So I shifted focus back to hardware. I have been doing a lot of software; practising python on hackerrank, learning c/c++ and solving project euler questions. I picked up two books to start with – Designing Embedded Hardware and Embedded Hardware Know it all. They were good at the start but started getting hard to grasp towards the middle. It was a lot to ask to go through them thoroughly cover to cover. I have now decided to not do that.

In Designing Embedded Hardware, I felt the knowledge would be lost since I wasn’t getting hands-on with the processors that were discussed. I have gone through the book cover to cover but I skipped some parts, I would reference them when I need them.

I am back to treating Embedded Hardware Know it all as reference material too. I’m sure that’s what the authors intended but I felt I could understand it all. I like the early chapters and I would be reviewing the notes I made from them. I plan to read the early chapters of Embedded Software know it all too and leave the rest till I need it or I am ready to focus on understand a particular topic.

What next?
I need to refresh my knowledge of electronics. There might be little details I might be missing. I just understood what it means for a pin to be tristate. I want to make sure I fully grasp things like that. I am going to be studying opensource designs – hardware and software. I have already started with the arduino. I believe understanding what exists would help when one wants to design his own systems. I better appreciate how far I have to go. I am going to also do some simple projects with the electronics I have with me at the moment. I don’t want to just follow some tutorial and I dont want to just hack and get it to work (that’s cool by the way). I want to actually understand and engineer stuff. The goal is Mastery.

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