Book Review : Think and Grow Rich

A friend recommended this book to me and I decided to read. I used to have this cavalier attitude to riches; to money in particular but this challenged my views. It is a book about money but I think it is about more than that. It is about being a success.
First, you must have an intense desire for riches. A hunger. A will. A passion. That’s the very first step. You should visualize in your mind’s eye the exact amount you want. You need to get specialized knowledge. You need to plan. You need to make a decision; not be hindered by procrastination and indecision. You must perserve. You need to surround yourself with the right people. Master sex transmutation. Work on your subconscious mind and outwit fear.

I like it though it was mystical in parts. I am not sure what to make of those parts but it was great overall. The big gain for me was realizing I need to believe in my dreams and go for them. Plan and believe I would succeed. Be confident and assured; not be scared. This book merits a second read which is perhaps one of the highest compliments any book can get.

April Summary

So what was I up to in April?

I was reading two books on Embedded Hardware. Designing Embedded Hardware and Embedded Hardware Know it all. I skimmed through Designing Embedded Hardware but skipped large parts. It was a good overview of the scope of things I should aim to know. For Embedded Hardware Know it all, at some point it became too encyclopedic ,  I decided to stop. I finally did the How the Arduino works post. I started CS50 and Embedded Systems on Edx. I went for the Hackaday world create day event. I participated in Hackerrank competitions. I wish I performed better in them though. I finished the Art of Learning. I participated in the Lagos Hackathon. That’s it.