Book Review : The Shallows: How the Internet is changing our brains

This is an interesting and very relevant book. It talks about how our use of the internet is changing our brains.
It starts with the argument that our brains aren’t fixed. They change over time depending on how we use them or don’t.
With our use of Internet we are honing the skills that are needed to interact with this medium and losing some other skills. The critical point is that there are tradeoffs. Technological gains aren’t all positive.
The authors contrast this new medium with other changes – like when we started writing or the introduction of radio, the printing press and notes how much more encompassing the Internet is.
The problem with the internet is that, promotes a perfunctory interaction with information. There is a lot of width and not enough depth. There is information overload and we are adapting. We are getting used to skimming and losing our ability for deep thought.
The key takeaway is technological progress can have unintended consequences. We need to consider if all the changes that are happening are desireable.
As for, me, I am taking steps like deleting apps and turning off notifications to gain some sanity. I want to get back what I have lost – the ability to concentrate. I am always looking for distractions. I strongly recommend.

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