Updates on my Education

I am a life-long learner and I believe I will keep learn new things till I die. Some of the things, I have had in mind to learn are C++, Html, Css, Javascript etc. I started html yesterday by skimming through a book on html. I won’t go deep into it, at least not now. I just want to be able to decipher what html means and I feel like I accomplished that objective. The other thing I have had in mind is C++, I have actually started learning C++ but I have faced an obstacle that keeps coming up  – using the language to solve programming problems. Python is my default and I hardly have the strength to grapple with language issues in addition to solving the programming problems. I just like to read, to practise? not so much. It is an old habit that I have.

On the book front, I have reduced my target for the Goodreads reading challenge from 50 to 30 after realizing that reading everything isn’t the key. The key is read stuff and have time to ponder on them and make it count. I am at 26 books  and it is July. It is liberating because I won’t feel under pressure to reading anything new. What is important is to go back to my old notes and ruminate on old stuff I have learnt. Give it time to simmer. Meditate. Focus on Quality not quantity.

I also rediscovered Encylopedia Britannica . I got the app though I am beginning to feel the physical books are better. I liked to flip through the pages and discover new things serendipitously. That is part of Nicholas Carr’s argument in the Shallows.


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