What have I been up to?

I feel bad. I have abandoned blogging for a while. It is just not on my mind anymore and things have changed. Depression set in and all that stuff. So I thought I should write about the stuff I have been doing/done.

So.. I had this interview at this company that starts with a G. 🙂 basically the whole of August was spent preparing for this interview. I had to read up Algorithms and Data structures and all that computer science stuff I hadn’t bothered to learn in depth. I made a mistake ( a mistake I always make) to want to finish a text completely and understand before moving to another and to not just study to the test (i.e look for past questions and base all preparations on them) . I started the Algorithm Design Manual and was stuck on it for a few weeks. I learnt a bit though I believe I still have patiently read and digest it to understand in depth. I finally moved on Cracking the Code interview and Programming Interviews exposed. One of my sources of anxiety was that the interview was to happen in C++ and I wasn’t sure what my level was in C++ ( I thought I knew enough but now know I knew basically nothing…oops. Like sure I need how to write a program that complies in C++ but now that I am taking a look at The C Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup, I can see there is so much I didn’t know, I didn’t know. WOW! ). Lesson learnt, I really need to make sure I know my stuff and not add stuff I am not confident about to my CV. I eventually asked to do the interview in python and that request was granted.

The interview happened. I was a little nervous. I don’t think I performed exceptionally. I just managed to solve the first question in the allotted time with help. Not good enough, my gut says. I still don’t know what the result is but I have mentally moved on. The good (or is it bad?) is that it has made me wonder if I shouldn’t go into software instead of hardware. Software is actually exciting and you basically need just your laptop and the internet. Needless to say I have been doing more software of recent. I have become a hackerrank junkie. I just loving solving hard nut problems. That’s one of the reason I liked maths. The mental challenge!

Post-interview.. basically personal stuff. I have been off Facebook for a while now. I am not sure the exact date I logged out ( I think it is the 10th of October) and I have been offline since. I think I would like to keep this streak on! I am surprised I have lasted this long given how much of a Facebook addict I am. The important thing I think is to get into the habit of doing actual stuff instead of spending all that time on Facebook.

I finished the first five chapters of the Elements of Computing systems. By finished, I mean I have completed all the exercises i.e built the hardware platform for a functioning computer from scratch! Tenk you, Tenk you 🙂 . You can find it here Nand2Tetris . I might decide to tackle chapters 6-12 that deal with the software hierarchy later. I really should write a post on how computers works. I can now confidently say that I understand how they work.

It would seem I still like gaining and accumulating knowledge more than actually applying or maybe it is just a confidence thing. I feel there is so much still to learn, I don’t know enough to be dangerous. I desperately need some project ideas or open-source projects to test my powers on.

Books? I am currently Collapse and the Lean Startup. Did I say I have finished my Goodreads book challenge for the year? 🙂  and I read Elon Musk by Ashlee vance (I strongly recommend). And yes, Ifeoma got me the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, one of the classics! Thanks once again.

I have two outstanding tasks I have been procrastinating on. It is vital I get them done. Wish me luck!

One thought on “What have I been up to?

  1. Wow! I am impressed. You can actually write (I think so) and you love reading.
    By the way, I find this really cool “built the hardware platform for a functioning computer from scratch!”
    Good luck on your forthcoming projects


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