Same Game

Hey, been a while I posted here. I thought to share some of my experiences cloning a game using python 2 and pygame. The game is called Same and got it when I installed Dr.Racket for Lisp. The original game.


After some coding on my mac, I got it to this stage


But on my windows it was showing this

I got reminded the importance of live testing. My code was inefficient but I didnt know because my mac was fast enough.


Final Game


You can find the code here – and also a link to download a .exe of the game

If there is enough of a demand I would go into details of my thought process and how and why I did certain things.

One thought on “Same Game

  1. Ope, well done with this. By far the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a while.
    I’m on standby for details of the process.



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