Hardware education so far

So I shifted focus back to hardware. I have been doing a lot of software; practising python on hackerrank, learning c/c++ and solving project euler questions. I picked up two books to start with – Designing Embedded Hardware and Embedded Hardware Know it all. They were good at the start but started getting hard to grasp towards the middle. It was a lot to ask to go through them thoroughly cover to cover. I have now decided to not do that.

In Designing Embedded Hardware, I felt the knowledge would be lost since I wasn’t getting hands-on with the processors that were discussed. I have gone through the book cover to cover but I skipped some parts, I would reference them when I need them.

I am back to treating Embedded Hardware Know it all as reference material too. I’m sure that’s what the authors intended but I felt I could understand it all. I like the early chapters and I would be reviewing the notes I made from them. I plan to read the early chapters of Embedded Software know it all too and leave the rest till I need it or I am ready to focus on understand a particular topic.

What next?
I need to refresh my knowledge of electronics. There might be little details I might be missing. I just understood what it means for a pin to be tristate. I want to make sure I fully grasp things like that. I am going to be studying opensource designs – hardware and software. I have already started with the arduino. I believe understanding what exists would help when one wants to design his own systems. I better appreciate how far I have to go. I am going to also do some simple projects with the electronics I have with me at the moment. I don’t want to just follow some tutorial and I dont want to just hack and get it to work (that’s cool by the way). I want to actually understand and engineer stuff. The goal is Mastery.

Nysc over – Reflections

I am done with the National Youth Service Corp. (NYSC) I am officially a nigerian youth and no longer “Omo Ijoba” (hey, in the sense of not collecting stipend from gov anymore..not in the sense of mad). I didn’t like the idea of interrupting my life to go on some service. There was a risk I lost momentum; that my self-improvement efforts ended. The new environment might be horrible.
That didn’t happen. I took matters into my own hands.
I got a place of primary assignment through TA and my highlight was that I had a supervisor I could rap with – Engr. Kanmi. It was exciting to meet someone else that understood all the maker stuff and had passion and zeal for it. We could talk about happenings in that space, about ideas and it’s definitely something I would miss. I liked that I got to put my python skills to use in a project. I liked that I was able to read and develop myself even at work.

I liked living alone. I am glad I insisted on a self-contained apartment. I think I would have been a very snobbish roommate but I wanted to focus and I did.

CDS was routine. I was aloof. I can’t say I developed any long time friendships or did any community work. I guess I had the mindset that this time was for me. I needed to develop myself. And ultimately, although giving is nice, you can’t give what you don’t have. You have to focus on yourself too.

All in all, I am grateful I am done. I want to say a big thank you to my Mum and Dad for their support in all ramifications. I am grateful I have you guys. I can say I made good use of the time.
What next? There is a lot of work that needs doing. 🙂 . I will be fine. I want to continue pursuing the goals I have. Do stuff that matters.